When a global photography project needs all of us to contribute, all we ask is that you Capture the Planet.


WHY? Because memories matter.

Capture the Planet is a global social movement to remind us that
photography is more important than we think.

We believe that a photographic moment is a memory worth keeping, it’s an experience, not just a token snapshot. When your time is ending on this planet, how will you recall your life? Without captured memories, what you experienced, may as well be forgotten.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers experience this every day. A life forgotten. The reliance on others to show them how they lived, why they lived and who they are. Capture the Planet is working towards a goal to change the way our lives are remembered. Photography has been proven to assist in the regeneration of memories of our elderly generations. Our mothers, fathers, uncles, and aunts.

In supporting sufferers of Alzheimers and Dementia, we are looking for supporters and global ambassadors to inspire and educate other photographers and the community to capture millions of photographs to help build a system that proves photography can help our elders regenerate their memories, through neuroscience, and digital technology.

Founded by award winning Landscape Photographer, Steve Rutherford, and in collaboration with One Shot Magazine, we have the intention of establishing 100 Ambassadors around the world. These “global changemakers” will become the local spokesperson for this movement. They will help to organize regular photography media events to build awareness. They will hold workshops, exhibitions, explorations and gatherings in their local cities. Large cities, where a lot of ears are listening and a lot of eyes are watching. This Global Ambassador program will launch soon. Applications are being taken now. Interest is already building so please, get involved.

Let’s all contribute to recording the people, places, and things on Earth to give our future generations something to remember us by as human beings. Let’s re-invent the way our memories are treasured, our children will thank us for it.

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